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The Doctors

The Drs invite Matt Bennett on to share his time-tested, straight-forward advice on publishing with their audience. Often called “The Simon Cowell of Self-Publishing”, Matt has sold over 5 million of his own books and uses his three decades in the industry to help aspiring authors get their books written and experienced writers greatly increase their sales. Subscribe here to start receiving Matt Bennett’s tips and insights:

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Matt Bennett on
The Doctors

Do I need a publisher? How long should my book be? Can I edit my own work? Everyone wants to write a book, but most authors quickly discover the harsh reality that there is a really big difference between writing a book and selling a book. Writers who embrace the “write it and they will come” sales philosophy are in for a rough ride. Having sold over 5 million copies of his own books, Matt Bennett is now sharing his over thirty years of experience as a self publishing consultant. You will love his entertaining, fast-paced style as he trains authors how to greatly increase their odds of succeeding through the application of specific marketing and distribution strategies. 

The Drs value Matt’s candor and wisdom when it comes to the raw truths of the sometimes chaotic self-publishing world. With all of us spending so much time at home, more people than ever are taking on their goal of writing a book. Plus, a historically high number of their sales and expand their distribution networks. Matt Bennett has proven game plans for those authors who are ready to stop spinning their wheels and treat their writing like a business, not a hobby.