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The Doctors

Top 6 tips for authors

The Doctors invite Matt onto their show to show their audience the most important things to remember when writing your book.

Millionaire Matchmaker

Good Thing Matt was There

Matt coaches a self-obsessed West Hollywood bachelor who needs to be rebuilt from the ground up!

Millionaire Matchmaker

A Team Experts

The ultimate coaching challenge! Matt counsels Patti with the help of other A-Team experts on her own love life.

Making Your Mark

Matt Being Matt

In this independent documentary, Matt works with a less-than-realistic entrepreneur to help him refocus and reach his goals.

Millionaire Match Maker

Sometimes the Truth Hurts

Matt redirects an OCD plastic surgeon to help save him from himself!

Matt’s Early Career

The Maternal Journal and More

From talk shows to game shows to the national news, Matt has enjoyed his fair share of media coverage!