What Do People Say About Matt?

Matthew is all about getting real results! “I’ve known Matthew Bennett for over 25 years and, simply put, HE IS THE MAN! He’s a top coach, super sharp personal mentor, and marketing maven all rolled into one high-energy package. 

Matthew is all about getting real results and can not only identify issues and obstacles as fast as anyone I have ever met, he consistently offers realistic tangible solutions. He keeps me on my toes and also keeps me laughing. When you’re ready to say goodbye to all of your excuses, issues and limitations, just pick up the phone and call Matthew Bennett.”

Joseph McClendon III, Tony Robbins #1 Coach

Carla landed a multi-million dollar deal in less than a year! “Matthew Bennett program did WONDERS for not only my book sales, but my overall business! Before, I was depending on my distributors and Amazon for individual book sales, but realized that selling books in bulk to organizations and corporations was the way to dramatically increase my profits. I listened to Matthew Bennett’s teleseminars and read through his material thoroughly, following his directions to the letter. It paid off in ways I had not dreamed of! In my first major deal, I achieved a multi-million dollar public/private partnership between my company, a major financial institution, and a national non-profit organization. They will be using my book to promote homeownership preservation throughout the nation, and using me as a spokesperson! Thank you so much, Matthew!”

–Carla Douglin, The Douglin Group, Inc, Owner

You are worth every penny I invested in you. Much gratitude. “You really made my day! Not only was your unique marketing idea for my book brilliant, you super-charged my enthusiasm for finishing it. I knew it would be a challenge to come up with an enticing way to position a book whose message is more of a cautionary tale. Your creative idea to market the book to the likely buyer, rather than the likely reader, was fantastic! Way to go. You are worth every penny I invested in you. Much gratitude.”

 –Carl Weisman, author of “So Why Have You Never Been Married?”  

He gives step-by-step information how to write, print and sell your book. “Matthew’s products are top quality in the industry. He gives step-by-step information how to write, print and sell your book.

You’ll learn creative ways to make money, write, print, sell you book in ways you probably never thought of.

After reading his genius strategies, I’ve already come up with a dozen ideas I will soon be using to sell to charities, non-profits and major companies to raise money for a good cause and sell thousands of books in the process.

Excellent information for authors, entrepreneurs or anyone who has ever wanted to get that book inside them out!

Highly recommended.”

— Nancy Hayssen, Plus Size Model and Author of “You Can Be Sexy at Any Size!” 

A large cosmetics firm included my book in a new product promotional mailer to all their New York beauty editors! “Since working with Matthew Bennett all kinds of wonderful things have happened to me that I never envisioned possible. He has really catapulted me into a different world and now, instead of thinking small, with Matthew’s coaching and encouragement, I’m thinking BIG!

A large cosmetics firm included my book in a new product promotional mailer to all their New York beauty editors. A major marketing firm is testing it to their clients for motivation and inspiration.   My book is also now available hospital bookstores, my local American Cancer Society, on a popular life coaching website, day spas, yoga studios, coffee shops, health food stores, wellness centers, boutiques and schools. It’s just so exciting that to think of all the things that are possible and all of the things that have changed for me since working with Matthew. Before, I was a different person, now I’m much more courageous. I have learned to enjoy marketing and sales, love what I’m doing, and am really looking forward to see what else opens up for me.”

–Anne Jolles, Life Coach and author of “Rise and Shine Anytime”   

The net to me will be about $11,000. “I’ve had some wonderful results since attending your workshop. First, I received an order from the Airline History Museum in Kansas City for 500 of my Aerospace Activities books and CDs to be distributed to teachers in several suburbs there. (The net to me will be about $11,000.) 

I have also made some mental shifts as a result of your teachings regarding pricing and reworking the product itself to sell in larger quantities. I think I’m well on my way!” 

Susan Arthurs, Blue Skies Ideas 

I am now easily asking for and receiving between three and five times higher fees for my keynotes, coaching and seminars. “There are no words to thank you enough for the changes that have happened in my career and life since we started working together. Not only did you help me rewrite my book, you are helping me rewrite myself. I am now easily asking for and receiving between three and five times higher fees for my keynotes, coaching and seminars.

Your honest, straightforward, no-holds-barred style is refreshing, inspiring, eye opening and vastly successful. You don’t let me slip either, always keeping me on track and moving forward. Matthew, you are a gift for which I am enormously grateful. Anyone lucky enough to be working with you will see their career and life soar too, enabling us, like you, to be all we can be and help make the world a better place in the process.”

Dr. Serena Williamson

I highly recommend Matthew Bennett as a speaker or coach “I recently heard Matthew Bennett speak and was absolutely blown away by his energy, enthusiasm, practical advice, and no-nonsense approach to marketing. After listening to him for two hours, my view of how I was marketing my business radically shifted. I’ve begun to implement many of his great suggestions and am seeing fabulous results.

I highly recommend Matthew Bennett as a speaker or coach. His enthusiasm is contagious, he is unbelievably funny, and he has a true talent for marketing.” 

–Micaela Bensko, Bensko Photography, Owner 

“I can’t recommend Matthew Bennett highly enough! He tackles how, when and why issues like no one I’ve ever seen and always seems to have a fresh approach.  His confidence and energy are boundless, as are his knowledge and execution skills in the world of publishing.  His no nonsense action-directed approach keeps me on track and has helped me reach so many of my goals. The best part is that I know there’s more to come!”

–Robert L

“Thanks so much for the time you spent in private consultation with me. I was lost in a maze which you cut through very quickly and accurately. You shed light on problems that have haunted me for decades, and showed me a path to clarity. I now know what I need to do to get from where I am to where I need to be. Thanks again for your help. God bless you.”

— Jim R

“Matthew Bennett is someone I want to have guiding me as my project gets launched. His no-nonsense approach is just right for anyone looking for someone who is interested in getting the absolute most out of a project. If you have a project needing a high intensity, kick-butt, driving-toward-success type of coach, Matthew is your man.”

–Doug M

Matthew is the coach of coaches. I had already achieved a high level of success when Matthew stepped in and showed me how to monetize my media visibility in a way that I’m not just making a living – I’m making a fortune!”

–Donna S

“If you are ready to see massive results, I highly recommend that you pick up the phone and get in touch with Matthew Bennett NOW! His enthusiasm, can-do attitude and non-nonsense approach will blast your project through the roof. Matthew’s out of the box thinking is sure to turn your business or book into a huge success.”

–Marna G

“Words can express feelings, experiences, understanding and knowledge and I find them tremendously valuable, however at this very moment I cannot find words worthy to express my gratitude and my appreciation to you for giving me the special opportunity to work with you. I feel so fulfilled and you turned on my inner light brighter than I could have anticipated. To quote the movie Casablanca, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

–Ana W

“Our personal meeting with Matthew Bennett was valuable beyond words. As we shared more of our story, Matthew began to see our books in a whole new light. We now have a new perspective on where we need to go next. We thank Matthew not only for his generosity of time, but also his generosity of spirit. We felt him open his heart to us. We are most grateful.”

–Abraham R & Johnny E

“Sincere Thanks to a True Mentor. Like many authors, I spent years perfecting my craft, obtaining my degree in journalism, and laboring to create works that were both innovative and marketable. Yet, hundreds of rejections and little success in self publishing lead me to a point where I was about to give up the dream and settle for the run-of-the-mill corporate post. Then, I had the opportunity to hire Matthew Bennett for consultations. His sage experience and pragmatic approach made me realize there were numerous missing pieces in my marketing plans. Each session taught me extraordinarily valuable lessons in honing my talents. Matthew is not only a mentor, but also brutally honest with what he sees in an author’s works. He whips one into shape to see the broader picture, seek out new ventures, and find new venues on a broader horizon most of us never view. My path changed dramatically. I am still seeking a greater spectrum with my own works using his methods. However, the tools he provided sharpened my personal value as a writer and expanded my value in areas I could not imagine. The book I could not sell proved pivotal in selling my personal skills to several important clients who have engaged me to co-author, ghostwrite and publish their works. And I will be continuing those partnerships well into the future. I cannot thank Matthew Bennett enough for his generous time and many efforts taken on my behalf.”

–Scott R

“Your course was terrific! You have the clearest, most effective approach to book publicity I’ve ever heard (and I’ve been in publishing for more than 10 years). You perfectly explained what we needed, how to write it, and how to use it. Once we got the basics, you walked us through the process of marketing our projects step-by-step. You really made it fun and gave us the tools and confidence to move forward. With your wonderful depth of knowledge, no matter what was asked, you understood the issues involved displaying insight and honesty. Your values are in the right place & we felt respected, motivated & you took us seriously, honored our ideas, and answered our questions. I also love your commitment on projects that make a difference and your exceptional generosity. Matthew, you truly walk the talk.”

–Nancy F

“GREAT seminar. Thanks so much for everything. You are SUCH a wonderful inspiration, with the greatest sprit. The words, “The fortune is in the follow up” has been ringing in my ears all day! Thank you again, Matthew. Just to let you know, I’m being realistic – but passionate! To date I’ve made 49 calls. With many thanks and ongoing appreciation.”

–Sarah Jane C

“What a pleasure! Thank you for all of your excellent advice, it’s amazing how you always hit the nail right on the head. Your course material is fabulous and definitely worth every cent!!”

–Maria V



People Magazine “The Helpful Hunk”

Dear Matthew,

Thank you so much for all you do for Mychael’s Learning Place. Your support benefits not only the children who attend today, but will reach far into the future of Mychael’s.

Since January of 2007, the time commitment you make on a weekly basis to the bowling program has allowed the children to participate for the first time in Special Olympics Bowling, and come away with gold medals! Their success in this is a direct result of your selflessness and guidance.

The initiative you took to organize and host a bowl-a-thon to raise funds for the services we provide to the children is greatly appreciated.

Matthew, your contributions are not to be summed up solely by monetary measures. You continue to show compassion for a population of children with developmental disabilities who are too often over-looked. Your humanity to this cause is immeasurable and your kindness undeniable.

I, and the children of Mychal’s Learning Place, can not thank you enough for all you do.

Gratefully, Ed Lynch Executive Director/Founder

Dear Matthew:

Where Matthew Bennett has been-is to a place where giving is a part of living.

What Matthew has done-is to empower thousands, including myself, to go beyond what is ordinary and to create extraordinary results.

For our organization, Matthew Bennett’s coaching, advice and friendship is responsible for a new model. This paradigm shift will bring results which open up opportunities for youth all over the world.

The mark of a great coach is to bring the very best out of his client. The greatness in Matthew Bennett is in seeing what is possible and finding the shortest distance to success. He has Been There and Done That, and if you listen and learn, so shall you.

Thank you, Matthew, for helping us to create infinite possibilities and Dreams come true!

With gratitude,

Tom Tuohy President and Founder Dreams for Kids

American Heart Association

April 22,1994

Matthew Bennett Conceivable Concepts 1900 S. Sepulveda Blvd.,3rd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90025 

Dear Matthew:

Thank you for involving the American Heart Association in the development of your new book, Lifestyles of the Trim and Healthy. Consumers who seek information on diet and fitness will find this guide a fun and useful tool. While the messages are factual in nature, they are presented in a lighthearted, appealing and motivational manner.

The book will help to advance the American Heart Association’s efforts to fight heart disease and stroke through educating the public about ways to reduce their risk by maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

The American Heart Association wishes you success in your endeavor.


James H. Moller, M.D. President American Heart Association

Dear Matthew:

On behalf of Ventura County Special Olympics, Weightlifting Event Director Carol Wood and I would like to express our sincerest appreciation for helping make the 1989 California Southern Section Weightlifting Tournament on February 11th a success!  Thanks to your assistance and contributions, the event ran smoothly and succeeded in providing our local Special athletes with competitive experiences and opportunities to display skills, share friendships and To enjoy themselves.

Matthew, our hats off to you for running an excellent clinic and competition!  You’re getting better every year!  (Can Ventura County Special Olympics adopt you as our own??) It’s always a pleasure to work with you. Your volunteerism for Special Olympics goes above and beyond the call of duty. We have selected a weightlifting delegation of nine athletes to represent Ventura County at State Championships in San Mateo. Cindy Malecky will head coach our group. They all look forward to seeing you there. And, I hope to see you later that week at South Lake Tahoe for California Special Olympics Winter Games.

The success of our overall program is directly related to the unselfish time, support, and Iove given by outstanding individuals like you.

Thanks for sharing!


Carol Newsham Area Director Ventura County Special Olympics

Dear Matthew:

We want to say a special thank-you to you and Team Conceivable Concepts for your accomplishments in this year’s WalkAmerica.

Everyone was so impressed that your twelve-person team placed fourth out of all the organizations participating in Southern California. We thought you would like to know that there wasn’t one other company out of the top twenty-five teams with less than 500 employees. Also, out of over 11,000 walkers, Team Conceivable Concepts had three people in the top ten!

Heartfelt congratulations on your WalkAmerica efforts and for your recent victories concerning the Maternal Journal and The Baby Journal. Keep up the good work and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in any way.

Best regards,

Paula A Claussen Director of Development

Dear Matthew:

Thank you for your dedicated service as Consultant to the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. We value the contributions you have made to further our mission of promoting health and Fitness to Californians of all ages and abilities. We appreciate your participation in our efforts to increase public awareness of the importance of physical activity, and develop programs that advance the physical fitness levels of California’s youth, seniors, physically challenged, and corporate employees.

On behalf of Founding Chair Arnold Schwarzenegger, thank you for your commitment to our vision of creating a healthier California. We are deeply grateful to benefit from your spirit of giving and volunteerism.


Melissa Johnson, M.S. Executive Director

Dear Matthew,

On behalf of the Child Abuse Prevention Center, I would like to express our appreciation for the generous contributions and support BTDT Enterprises has given towards the prevention of child abuse. As you review our enclosed annual report, you will see how effective we have been, this past year, in the prevention of child abuse.

As you know, we educate children and families about child abuse and how to identify, report and prevent it- We reach thousands of children and parents each year with our programs and we could not be such a success without your generosity. Thank you, once again, for helping to make a difference in the life of a child.


Executive Director

Dear Matthew:

Congratulations on winning a Golden Advocate Award for the Maternal Journal and Baby Journal. The Specialty Item category was one of our most competitive. It took a perfect score of 90 to win it!

The 1992 HPRMA Golden Advocate Awards proved to be the most successful ever with 116 entries.

Thank you for your participation and congratulations again on your exceptional work. We look forward to seeing you in next year’s competition!


HPRMA Tracey Sanders 2nd Vice President

Dear Matthew:

Thank you so much for the sample copies of the Puppy and Kitten Journals! I will proudly share them with our board of directors when we meet this weekend. I’ll also pass along our pleasure with the outcome of the project when I see representatives from the sponsoring companies over the next week. 

Thank you for including us in this project. We believe educating pet owners about responsible pet ownership and about preventative care for their pets is vitally important. Your journals present this information in an easy to read, lighthearted, yet meaningful fashion. The messages are sure to be remembered by pet owners and will encourage a strong basis of understanding as they grow in to the strong bond which they will share with their “new family member”.

Once again, congratulations on such a fine project. We look forward to hearing about the results as the journals are distributed.


P. Joanne Ray, CFRE Executive Director

Dear Matthew:

Congratulations on finishing your fantastic book, Lifestyles of the Trim & Healthy. Your collaboration with Cathy Guisewite was a great idea and lends itself to a very entertaining and educational journal. The book is helpful in debunking many health and fitness myths and provides sound information that is simple to understand. It’s a valuable resource and a treat to read!

National Fitness Leaders Association is proud to be one of the book’s supporting organizations, along with the American Heart Association. Lifestyles of the Trim & Healthy serves as a fun and comprehensible guide to learn the facts about nutrition and fitness and offers motivating tips, quotes, and advice that can benefit everyone. We recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle or needs an encouraging boost to make some changes. Since it’s written in such an enjoyable format, it’s proof that fun and fitness do mix.

Best wishes with the book, and keep up the great work!


Bob Karch